14 Jul

We are on our second leg of summer, it is hotter than ever, and you are staring out of the window from the top of your gray, dull cube.  We can probably guess what–uh–where you are thinking of going.  The beach!  Warm sand, killer waves, glistening guys (yum), and plenty of sunny sky is waiting just for you.  Before you ditch the office and call your boss pretending to be sick, you have to pack your beach bag and pack it right.  Overstock has the perfect beach bag stuffers for the perfect day at the beach!

So, now you are ready to dump the ugly gray cube, grab your girls, snatch up your beach bag and head out to the sand and surf.  Don’t forget to wear your SPF…or else the sunburn will be a dead give-away and  boss will definitely know you weren’t nursing your elderly Aunt Hilda (wink).


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