21 Jul

Sometimes, when people cross paths it changes a life.  Yesterday, I had such an experience.   Joy Tribble, the mind behind Walking Curves, laughed and joked while she talked about her everyday struggle with her weight and working out (at one point she had me crying from laughing so hard), and for over 2 hours we discussed what a pain in the ass fitness can be for the full figured woman.  But something in that 2 hour conversation touched me so much that it has created an immediate need for change in my life.

 Joy talked about a close family member who had passed unexpectedly in their 50’s due to cardiac arrest.  Curious as to know the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest, she sought out the answer.  Her face lost its smile, and her tone changed as she explained the difference.  “[The doctor] told me that when the heart doesn’t know what to do…it just stops.  That’s cardiac arrest.”  She went on to say that the heart is such a time sensitive machine that when its no longer in time, it doesn’t know what to do and it just stops working.

 For the remainder of the time we spent together, I kept that very thought tucked away in the back of my mind.  How many of us have a heart that doesn’t know what to do?  We go about our daily lives at work, at play, at home just trusting that our heart will continue to run as usual—but really—how can we expect it to when we subject it to harsh chemicals, laziness, and down right disrespect?

 It is time ladies.  It is time to get up and get moving.  No, running a mile a day might not keep your heart in perfect condition—but damn why rob yourself of the chance that it just might?  This plus size movement is all good.  The fashion shows, the publications, the blogs galore all dedicated to you and the shape of your body, and the number on your jeans is great, but when are we going to get down to the uncomfortable stuff?  When are we going to trade in our stilettos for some Nikes?  I can’t play with my life any longer.  I can’t keep playing Russian roulette with a loaded fridge or pantry, and I am so hoping that you feel the same way.  I have said it for years now…I’m going to become a healthier person, but at this stage in the game it’s time to stop talking about it and be about it.  So get up off your ass and let’s get with it.  You want this whole plus size movement to stick around and really make a change in how the world views you?  Change how you live your life–not where you shop. 

Always Love,

Sommer J


One Response to “PUBLISHER’S CORNER: Get Serious”

  1. Joywith Walking Curves July 21, 2010 at 7:44 PM #

    I absolutely love this read and your candor about where you are in the process. We can do this together and Walking Curves is committed to help…For more information on Walking Curves, ladies, email us at Get ready, the training starts July 31!


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