27 Jul

The models pose with GSUSA staffers

With all of the attention on the fashion side of plus in magazines, blogs, and e-zines, the attention on the power of positive self esteem and personal empowerment for young girls had been lost…until now.

What do you get when you mix (click to view their story) Lizzie Miller, Anansa Sims, Leona Palmer, and Julie Henderson?  The Changing Face of Fashion, a new initiative from Girl Scouts of the USA to talk head-on about the image of girls in the media.

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute’s findings in Beauty Redefined: Girls and Body Image, a national survey of over 1000 young women ages 13-17, 65% of girls think the body images represented by the fashion industry is too thin, and 47%  think it is unhealthy.  The survey also found that 9 out of 10 girls say the fashion industry, along with other media, place a large amount of pressure on them to be thin.

Girl Scouts of the USA and the Dove Self-Esteem Fund have banded together to offer personal empowerment and self-esteem programs for girls nationwide.  They also plan to focus their core leadership program to addressing the ever pressing issues of body image in the media.

As we continue to push the full figured movement and watch as it breaks barriers with the adult women, the girls are still left to the pressures of being anything but what they are.  Let us not forget to turn around and reach back to the young ladies who are watching someone else’s idea of what a self confident woman should look like.  Support local and national programs who aspire to create an amazing woman–inside and out.

For more information click to visit The Changing Face of Fashion


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