23 Aug

It’s a manic Monday, you need a ‘pamper me’ day. After a while you find yourself sitting in a spa chair, feet in soapy warm water, and a fashion magazine on your lap. Your pedi is done, your mani is done, and your eyebrows look amazing—just what you needed a nice relaxing day at the nail salon. Well, that is until you realized you have been over charged by $5. The reason? Your weight.

Monday, Michelle Fonville found herself in this very situation. After Fonville received her bill at the Natural Nails on Covington Highway in Dekalb County, she realized she had been overcharged by $5. The salon manager, Kim Tran, says due to the spa chairs being broken by overweight customers they have the right to charge an extra fee. The spa chairs used in most nail salons are able to withstand a 200 pound limit, and according to Tran, the salon has to endure costly repairs ($2500) of broken chairs due to overweight customers. Tran refunded Fonville’s $5 and also gave her some advice—to take her business elsewhere.

We would like to know what you think. Should there be a surcharge for overweight customers at nail salons? Or is it just another form of discrimination? Do we share some responsibility?


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