25 Aug

Ever so often you find a documentary or a movie that rocks you to the very core.  We all have that one film that makes us question our feelings or our decisions concerning a certain subject.  Food Inc lingers in the back of my mind while I grocery shop, Precious tugs at my thoughts when I see a young girl on the outside looking in—hurt, angry, lonely, and Drumline (yes…Drumline with Mariah Carey’s husband) hits me when I think about the decisions I should have made…America the Beautiful is one of those films that will play a pivotal role in a woman’s life when she looks at herself.

America the Beautiful, a film by Darrel Roberts, is an eye-opening film that examines America’s unhealthy obsessions with beauty while making the negative impact the obsession has had (and still does have) on the body image and self esteem of women—young and old—more visible.

 On September 24, 2010 (click here for official event details) Authentic Beauty with Atlanta Girl Magazine will present a special screening of the film in Atlanta, GA.  All of the proceeds from the screening will benefit Authentic Beauty, an Atlanta based organization dedicated to helping women of all ages feel beautiful inside and out.  I personally plan to be there, and I would love to see familiar faces in the audience.  The unrealistic beauty standards of society have weighed on us for far too long.  How much longer will we allow others guide our daughters…our sons…even our own version of beauty?

Always Love,

Sommer J


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