2 Sep

In a girl’s life, there are certain things she comes to expect as she grows–a long-term relationship with her bra, a dating Anti-Christ, a knock out pair of shoes, an arsenal of freakum dresses, and a fairytale kinda night with celebs, fashion, and shopping all wrapped in a neat little package that is NYC.

Fashion’s Night Out, or FNO, is that fairytale kinda night.  I remember the very first ad I saw in Vogue about FNO and I soooo longed to be there in the midst of all the action–but two things stopped me in my tracks: (1) What would I possibly wear, and (2) What was the point? No one would be catering to my kind of woman anyway.  This year it’s going to be different, thanks to Re/Dress NYC.

Re/Dress NYC, New York’s premiere vintage fashion boutique for full-figured women, is giving the curvy girl’s something to smile about.  On September 10, 2010 from 6pm-11-pm Re/Dress will tickle our fancies with fantastic shopping, amazing fashion, and a front row seat to view the Lotis Clothing collection. 

So, I suppose my dilemma from last year has been solved…in the “Nobody has anything for the curvy girls to do” category–but the whole “What am I going to wear” issue is still looming.  What do you plan to wear?

For more information, please visit and show your support!  Click Here


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