8 Sep

Can you tell which one the blogger called a 'faux-plus model'?

A friend came to me this morning with a frustration about the way plus models, or models in general, are viewed by consumers.  We already understand the fashion industry’s opinion—some feel that plus fashion has a place among the big boys, while others do not.  Perfectly black and white, but the gray area comes in with the consumers—you the readers, the buyers. 

 The blog on which my friend was mentioned dubbed her as being a “faux-plus Amazon”. I assume the Amazon comes from the fact that she is an envious 6’ tall, and the ‘faux-plus’ comes from the fact that she is a size 16—however with her height (that for most of us can only be achieved in platforms…I seriously think I hate her now) she looks much smaller.  Some of the other comments made were not so nice, including a judgment that she starves herself to be faux plus size—whatever that means.

I have to admit, for the longest time I would give the side eye to many plus models who wore a size 16 or 18 but were also 10’ tall and looked more like a size fabulous. But something happens as you get older, perhaps a little wiser (the jury’s out on that one), and a little more sure of one’s self—you begin to appreciate beauty and difference for what it is and you don’t dare try to put it in a category. 

 As humans, we tend to categorize everything. Why do you think labels on a tee shirt or the pocket of a pair of jeans are held to such a high standard? Why do you think nerdy kids get bullied, and jocks get all the pretty girls?  We must label and categorize everything.  Perhaps that is our natural first step before we begin to judge.  Perhaps that is what helps us determine what is good, bad, or in between.  But what would happen if we took away the labels?  What would happen if we removed people/things from their category?  Would it be complete anarchy? Would we be happier?

 At the end of the day, unfortunately, we all have different definitions of what a plus model is and what size she should/shouldn’t be.  But who is right? Who is wrong?  My friend ended our conversation this morning with something very profound.  She said “Curves aren’t in. Skinny isn’t out. The only body that is ‘in’ is the one you are born with. So love it!”  Well said my dear…well said.

Always Love,

Sommer J


One Response to “PUBLISHER’S CORNER: Faux-Plus Size?”

  1. joshua September 8, 2010 at 5:09 PM #

    Agreed. Labels, for the most part, are unnecessary. But, they are also necessary for communication. I think, like anything else, that a label itself isn’t good or bad but the way it is used can be used either way. It’s definitely has been more noticeable, for me, as a negative thing.


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