BEST BUY OF THE WEEK: CitySlips–Funktional Footwear

19 Sep

Steve Madden Caryssa from, $89

The Mistake

You spot a 4” slice of heaven calling your name from the wall of the department store’s shoe department.  The huge red tag reading “SALE!” screamed at you when you walked through the door, but you somehow showed restraint.  However, the closer you seem to gravitate toward the wall (no fault of your own—you had to walk that way…right?), the more you find yourself drooling over the image of your foot in that shoe.  Aren’t they the ones you saw that celebrity wearing in that fashion magazine you bought the other day?  And didn’t you hear on some fashion news story that these particular shoes where going to be the season’s latest trend?  Suddenly you find yourself hailing a sales lady, swiping your debit card, and singing your way out of the door and across the parking lot.  You have just the event to sport these fab finds and you can’t wait to slip into them.

A few days later you find yourself dressed to definitely impress, stepping out in your new shoes (which make your legs look great by the way).  Two hours go by and all of the walking and standing have done a number on your feet.  Suddenly, your fab fines have become the shoes from hell and you would give anything to slip out of them and let your feet swell to the size of bread loaves.  For the remainder of the night you find yourself shifting your weight to try and find some type of relief, or being preoccupied as you start scoping the place out for the next empty chair. Tsk, tsk…

CitySlips ballet flats

The Sole-ution

CitySlips are portable ballet flats perfect for slipping into when your ‘killer’ heels start killing your feet.  Katie Shea and Susie Levitt, NYU students, designed and launched their very first product out of their dorm room—saving women wearing to-die-for heels who end up limping away from an event hours later.  The portable ballet flats can be neatly and easily rolled up and slipped into any bag (even pockets!). They are perfect for weddings, work, travel, commuting, and social events. The best part? CitySlips come with a 5” x 7” pouch that actually unzips into a full size tote bag to hide your heels!

Available now at over 500 boutiques and specialty shops as well as (and soon to be Dillard’s & Neiman Marcus) in black, silver, and gold for just under $25, you can give your feet a much needed rest when they need it most.  So go on buy those fantabulous heels!  Just make sure you carry your secret foot weapon (wink).


One Response to “BEST BUY OF THE WEEK: CitySlips–Funktional Footwear”

  1. itsstrangelyme September 19, 2010 at 9:41 PM #

    Those heels are amazing. Perfect fall heels, and I just got a nail polish that color!
    I’m one of those girls where I don’t care if my feet hurt, I’ll still wear them because they look gorgeous haha. Beauty is pain?

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