23 Sep

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Yesterday morning the Boy ran to tell me the news.  To some, this news was not so great.  Others were more than disgusted.  To the rest of us it was just we had been waiting for—silently hoping nothing causes the awful stumble and fall from grace we had witness a few years ago. 

 During one of the first real NFL games of the season, Kolb (the Eagle’s starting QB) knocked his noggin pretty good and Andy Reid (the Eagle’s head coach) called on number 7 to do the job—at least until Kolb made it back.  Fans of number 7 stood still as the ball was snapped and he made a play that moved them further down the field.  The following week, Kolb had not been cleared to play due to his concussion and once again Reid called 7’s number.  Fans of 7 were almost speechless as he helped move the team to a victory this past Sunday.

 As the Boy stood by my bedside and excitedly told me the news of Michael Vick being named the starting QB for the Eagles (until further notice), I had to smile inside at the sight of redemption.  What he did to those poor animals was disgusting. What he did to his family and his fans was heart breaking.  But the measure of a man—or woman—should never be what they have done…it should be what they are doing to be better.  There have been times when you made a mistake, whether it is unlawful, disgusting, or just down right sinful and you got caught red handed, lied your way out—or tried to–and one day you saw yourself stripped down to the bare human essentials at the bottom of a deep hole with no friends, no family, no supporters—just judgments, broken hearts, and crumbling pride.  It happens to all of us in one form or fashion. I personally believe its God’s way of tapping us on the shoulder and saying, “Let’s try this again.”

I suppose no matter the reason for our fall, more often than not it is self inflicted, and it doesn’t really matter when our number is called and we rise from that bench…it matters that we actually made the preparations for the day we get to show how much we really wanted it.

Always Love,

Sommer J


One Response to “PUBLISHER’S CORNER: Redemption”

  1. Rosalyn September 23, 2010 at 3:14 PM #

    I dont much about football (ok, i know nothing about football. haha), but this is very true about people making mistakes. We ALL make them. We will continue to make mistakes until the day we die because we are HUMAN. “But the measure of a man—or woman—should never be what they have done…it should be what they are doing to be better”. Very well said. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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