29 Sep

In the Publisher’s Corner post I usually talk about how I’m feeling about the latest topics or whatever’s top of mind, but today I would like to share with you a conversation between a mother and her children.  I suppose it does tie into what has been going on in the media…although it really has nothing to do with full figured women or our plight to be equal on the runways of the world and so on—and honestly, that is quite all right with me.  We are more than our clothing sizes—isn’t that what all of these organizations, magazines, and modeling companies have been preaching after all?

The Cast: 

Me as the mother

The Boy as my 9 yr old son

The Girl as my 8 yr old daughter

 Aaaaaand Action!

Driving to school, the radio is on yet we are not really paying too much attention to it because we are discussing the day at hand.  The children are getting situated for their semi-long ride (it’s enough to play a good game of football on the PSP or take a quick nap).  The car is quieted by the conversation being had between the morning show personalities and an investigative reporter about the latest Atlanta debacle—Bishop Eddie Long.  Lost in my thoughts for the day, not realizing the conversation at hand, the Boy speaks up.

 “What did he do?” he said leaning more intently toward the radio.

“Who honey?” I asked suddenly snapped out of my a.m. trance.

“Eddie Long.  What did he do?” Oh…no, I thought. 

“Well, he…well, they say he…um, they are claiming that…” Do I say molest? No wrong word choice. Do I say touched?  Do I dumb it down?  Do I just cop out and say I don’t know?  I stopped at the red light and sighed.  I might as well just tell the truth, I thought.  “There are some boys who claim he had sex with them and he probably shouldn’t have.” Whew. The end. But wait…I can’t just leave it like that, can I?  I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw the puzzled looks on their faces. Damn. I wouldn’t get out of this easily. “Do you know what that means? Sex?” I asked.

“No,” says the girl.

“Yes,” says the boy.  Oh great. Where the hell did he learn that from?

“What does it mean then?” A question I really wanted to know the answer to because if it was some kid in school I was prepared to find him in the hall and trip him.

“Well—it’s when a boy and a girl are laying in the bed kissing,” the Boy said matter-of- factly.  Ok, so the imaginary big mouth kid at school was safe.

“That’s gay. You mean gay,” the Girl said. “When two boys or two girls kiss that means their gay.” No worries people, we’ve already had the gay talk.  She didn’t catch it all but she has an idea.

“Well…” I started.  “Sex is…well it’s when…ok see God made girls with…Ok so boys have…” Shit!  Spit it out already, I yelled at myself. I rolled my eyes and took my hands off the wheel as we stopped at another red light.  Curse you red lights.  “A boy has a penis, right?” They nodded.  I stuck my pointer finger up and wiggled it to signify its role as the penis.  “And girls have a vagina, right?” They nodded.  I put my pointer finger and thumb together to signify its role as the vagina.  “Well, the penis and the vagina,” now sticking the pointer in the…well…you know what I’m saying, “get together and that’s pretty much sex.  There are a lot of other things that go along with that though.”  Of course I didn’t leave it at that. I explained further, however, not all of the gory details. 

The girl asks pointing to my makeshift vagina, “Do I have one? A hole I mean. Is it that big?”

“Yes,” I say, “and no, it’s not that big.  It can stretch though—that’s where babies come out of.”  I let a few moments pass and thanked God we were close to school.  “Any more questions?  You can ask me anything.”

“No,” said the girl after thinking it over.  I looked over at the boy in the rearview mirror.

“The Yankees made it to the playoffs,” he said completely ignoring my question.

Always Love,

Sommer J


One Response to “PUBLISHER’S CORNER: The Talk”

  1. Rosalyn September 29, 2010 at 10:54 PM #

    I laughed all the way through this. I had to read it in slow motion to make sure I absorbed every word. Whew! At least that’s out the way! I’m just going to let my kids read this post. 🙂

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