PUBLISHER’S CORNER: The Great Hair Debate

6 Oct
No matter what size you are, as women we all have one thing in common (ok–well 2 things but we’ll save the vagina talk for later): hair frustration.  For months I have been without a relaxer, and for those of you who don’t know–the battle between relaxed hair or natural hair is similar to the ‘he loves me, he loves me not’ game.  This morning, I stood with my hair all over my head (think mad scientist) completely and totally exhausted.  If I were courageous enough I probably would have shaved it completely off. But I’m not, so now I’m stuck with already thick hair that is about 1000% thicker (due to no relaxer) and has morphed into transition hair which ultimately results in a complete chop off.  Sigh…
Women are bombarded with one thing after another: make up, anti-aging, weight, hair, emotional garbage, hormonal blah–when does it end?  Never.  I realized, after chucking the hair brush into the sink, that women tend to try to fit neatly into a category which they feel they should belong–fortunately God made us unique.  Now, of course there are moments when coloring outside the lines is completely necessary to ward off insanity, but really we just need to be happy on the ride we are currently riding.  Throwing our hands up, screaming as loud as we can and enjoying the stomach flopping drops and scary rises because when it is all over wouldn’t we like to say we had fun? You can’t possibly be having fun trying to fit in one group or another.
Of course this philosophy isn’t really applying to me at the moment because I’m lost in transition.  One day I’ll figure out what to do with the mop of graying brown that is my hair, but until then the ponytail wins the battle against the thicker than thick tresses.  I can feel myself inching ever closer to that line drawn in the sand between the grown up me and the younger me–perhaps this is the first step. The great hair debate: do I strip what is God-given to fit in or to be able to manage it better? Or do I continue a path toward that which is….well….me?
Always Love,
Sommer J

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