BEST BUY OF THE WEEK: Cheap or Chic?

11 Oct

When you hear the words Walmart, affordable, and clothes you tend to shrink away like a vamp to silver (all you True Bloodians know what we mean).  When you hear the words Tina Knowles (yup…Bey’s mama), collection, and plus size your ears perk up a bit.  Well, Tina Knowles does indeed have a new collection that includes–you guessed it plus sizes (up to size 20) and (don’t shrink away just yet) it’s exclusively available at WalMart.  We know, we know…pictures only tell half the story and that’s why we are out and about scouring our local Wally Worlds to get a taste of Miss Tina by Tina Knowles.  We suggest you do the same–especially since most of the pieces are $18 and under.  We want to know…is it chic or just plain cheap?


One Response to “BEST BUY OF THE WEEK: Cheap or Chic?”

  1. rosalyn October 12, 2010 at 1:51 PM #

    I love all of those pieces! I would wear all of them. The prices are mega low. I hope the look as good in person as they do in the pictures.

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