Publisher’s Corner: A Healthy Debate

20 Jul

A friend of mine starting juicing and has committed herself to 2 weeks of nothing but…well…juice.  The inspiration came from a documentary she saw, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross.  I took a gander at the film this morning and, during most of his interaction with randome people, I found one common theme…well…several but I’m only going to touch on one.

 Most of the people he talked with he would ask about their eating habits and then ask if they felt that it was good for them (to eat the way they did).  The overweight people he asked all had a common answer (and look in their eye–shame mostly. It was that look kids get when they got caught doing something they had no business doing): “I know I need to [do/eat] better. I know I do.”  Some people added that it was hard because once you eat the ‘bad food’ you can’t help but want more (omg, I can’t wait to dig into THIS topic—but not today. I need to do more research first), while others said something that made me wince a bit. “If I die at 55 then I die at 55. If I die at 65 then I die at 65. Either way I’m going to enjoy my life while I’m here.”  That was what one guy said after he stated he ate what he wanted even after heart surgery.

That statement really got me wondering—is eating what we want anytime we want enjoying life?  I’ll look at my own case for instance.  Prior to dropping pounds and moving more I was lethargic, achy, and felt much much older than 31.  Did I enjoy the 5 slices of pepperoni pizza and 2 16oz glasses of soda for dinner? Sure as hell did—wouldn’t mind having some now really.  Did I enjoy the endless candy bars, ice cream cones, slices of cake and pie every single day after every meal (except breakfast—I did have some sense)? Well…duh…yes!  But when I compare then to now, I would never trade what I have at this moment for the “enjoyment” of life.  Do I still have a slice of cake every now and then? Hell yea. Do I still have achy, lethargic moments? Of course, but in the overall scheme of things my life is so much brighter and so much fuller because I get to enjoy it with out the haze of addiction.  Yea, I said it. Addiction. You don’t think you crave McDonald’s just because do you? You crave it because they want you to and they make sure you do (oops…I am suppose to be saving that topic).

 There was a gentleman in the film who was about 320lbs and he explained that his brother was a doctor and a vegetarian…and now he is (the brother) fighting cancer.  He said that when God is ready for you, it will not matter if you are fat or skinny.  When it is your time it is your time.  That much I agree with, but again the statement of “I’m going to enjoy life while I’m here” concluded his enlightening input.  So here is the question…does it matter?  Really, when you look at both sides carefully, which one is “right”? Does the concept of enjoying life mean you do not deny yourself any of the foods you love at any amount or any time? Or does it mean you love your body enough to provide it with foods it needs—and indulge once in a while? 

Sommer J


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