Naturally Me–A Microsoft Office 365: Ready For Work Top 10

16 Aug

It happens only a few times in a lifetime. You meet an amazing person, full of love and joy, determination with a side of grit.  Their heart is open to helping those who need it and those who may not fully realize they need it.  Their mind is open and wide enough to soak in advice and ideas from others.  They are able to move above their own messy life circumstances and reach out to others in their time of need.  I have been blessed enough to encounter a few of these people in my 32 years and Chaundra Smith is just one of those few.

I can’t quite remember how I met Chaundra, owner of Naturally Me, but I am certainly glad the day came upon us both.  It is her energy and positive outlook that has taken the natural, certified vegan beauty line to the next level. The company, itself, is a direct reflection of the owner–gentle, nourishing, pure, quiet yet powerful, and giving.  Chaundra and her staff still make each item by hand with the finest natural and vegan ingredients coupled with a touch of love. 

Naturally Me was recently announced as one of the top ten finalists in Microsoft’s “Office 365: Ready for Work” Contest.   Five small businesses have the opportunity to win $50,000 each and Office 365 free for a year.  As an added incentive (as if $50,000 isn’t enough), the five winners get to spend a day with a Microsoft executive, who will work alongside the small businesses helping them along the road to success (who wouldn’t give their right arm for that?!).

“If I am fortunate enough to be one of the 5 grand prize winners it will take my business to the next level,” Chaundra said.  “It will give Naturally Me the opportunity to make more people aware of the company and all of the good that we try to do in our community.”

 A woman after my own heart, Chaundra started Naturally Me in 2008 when she was forced to turn a passion into a profession after being laid off. Chaundra used the lay off as a catalyst for a new opportunity. But Chaundra Smith’s passion not only lies within her craft but within her community. Through Naturally Me, she routinely gives back to the community through a variety of ways including a series of scholarships for single parents through her alma mater, Durham Technical College, her on-going promotion “To Soldiers With Love,” (a promotion where Naturally Me customers can send thank you notes along with much needed toiletries to members of the Armed Forces stationed overseas), as well as donating products to With Friends, Inc. a Gastonia (NC) based shelter for teen moms.

 I am keeping my fingers crossed that when the winners of the Ready for Work contest are announced in September, Chaundra Smith’s Naturally Me is announced as one of the lucky five.  Our hats off to you, dear friend.  Way to go!


 Sometimes when life gives you lemons, you MUST make lemonade. That’s what Chaundra Smith did in 2008 when she took her passion and turned it into a profession after being laid off. Looking at the situation as one door closing and another one opening to a new opportunity, Chaundra created Naturally Me, a natural and certified vegan beauty line.

Naturally Me makes products for bath and body for the entire family….including pets! The collection of products are still handmade with the finest natural and vegan  ingredients with a touch of love by Chaundra and her staff. For more info about Naturally Me, visit


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