Week 1: The Plan

29 Aug

Welcome to The Plan. Clever name eh? Now, before you begin there are some pretty nifty rules to abide by.  If you don’t want the Healthy Lifestyle Goons to give you a pair of specialty made cement shoes (sorry…currently listening to the Sopranos on the tv), you better take note of them.



1) I AM NOT ON A DIET. Nope, you most certainly are not. This, my friend, is not a diet. It is a way of living your life. Life has it’s rollercoaster moments and your weight does as well. The problem with dieting is that when the word is uttered our brains go into “Can’t Have” mode and eventually we end up doing a swan dive into a double chocolate cake (ok…weak moment…yum!). Never say this is a diet. Just say “I’m loving my body right” and changing your life in the process.

2) I WILL GET SWEATY. Oh yea! Who doesn’t love sweat? Eh? Yes, it does look a whole lot sexier dripping down a hard body’s six pack vs. your–um–well….but in order to get to the hard body, sweat is manditory. EVERY WEEK WILL CONSIST OF 3 DAYS OF VIGOROUS ACTIVITY FOR 30 MIN. There is no bending the rules on this one. In order for your inner organs to be healthy, they need some of your good ol’ fashioned sweat. Doing more than that is optional (go ‘head girl! get it innnnnn), but be sure not to kill yourself, mmmnokay?

3) I WILL NOT EAT PAST 7:30. (If your schedule permits) Some people don’t have this luxury, but if you do make sure you don’t break this rule. Nothing else, except water or herbal tea (if you feel like you’re absolutely dying of hunger) should cross your lips past 7:30. This rule may be bent ONE (1) day per week, but if it’s not necessary don’t do it.

4) MY TOILET WILL BE MY NEW BFF. Know what that means? That’s right–we’re talking good ol’ H2O goin’ in and comin’ out. At least 64 oz of water should be entering the body daily. Some places will count diet sodas or tea or coffee as part of water consumption, but that doesn’t fly here. Crystal clear water is all we’re counting…well 64 oz of it anyway.

5) I WILL DATE MY SCALE ONCE A WEEK…IF YOU CAN HANDLE THAT. Once a week, not 12 times a day (guilty), is all that’s needed for the scale.  Sometimes the numbers on the scale lie–ok not really…well kinda– but the tape measure is the best way to peek at progress.


The Plan consists of those (5) little rules above. You should be doing that anyway–in life I mean.  Each week there will be a small challenge. There will NEVER be more than one challenge in the week. Change is about small steps. The changes we make only look big to those on the outside looking in, but WE know how many steps it took to get there.


4 Responses to “Week 1: The Plan”

  1. pluscurves August 29, 2011 at 11:11 AM #

    Love it …count me. Looking forward to the challenges but not spending the extra time in the running to the ladies room

    • geminimagazine September 5, 2011 at 4:17 PM #

      LOL I know, the bathroom breaks can be a bit “ugh” but eventually your body will regulate. So happy you are joining me!

  2. Ruth August 29, 2011 at 3:23 PM #

    Very nice and inspiring -I love it (and not jusT kuz I’m your Mom)

    • geminimagazine September 5, 2011 at 4:16 PM #

      Awww…thanks mommy 🙂 (and yes to those who are wondering…I still call my parents Mommy and Daddy….at the age of 32. Yes. lol)

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