15 Jul

What we are willing to do to our bodies for the sake of weight loss….surgeries, drugs, fad diets, pledges, meetings, and the like are all a part of a growing, time consuming fight to lose weight.  Health and the maintaining of a healthy body is important to the longevity of life, however, do you ever wonder how we got here?

 The companies that make the most money off our efforts to be ‘healthier’ are not the organic farmers, or health food stores.  They are, instead, the very companies that count on our ‘weight-loss’ dollars.  Are we blaming these companies?  Of course not.  Fast food companies, weight loss companies, and drug companies are not to blame for all of our weight gain—however, we could say they knew it was coming.  Weight-loss, or the lack there of, is big business. 

 Over-the-counter diet drugs (as well as prescription) took in $381.5 million in 2009 (IMS Health).  It could only be expected that another diet pill would try to break into the market, and Vivus Inc is attempting to be the next big thing.  An FDA advisory panel will give their thoughts on Qnexa, Vivus’ answer to the growing obesity problem in America.  There are potential side effects of the drug on the heart rate, mental health, and fetuses, but most of our big business weight-loss options do have side effects.  A decision is expected to be made by October 28, and watching closely are the other two companies vying for your weight-loss dollars. 

 Weight loss is not easy by any means, and some people should explore other options such as surgeries and drugs.  But if we want to really make a change, whether we opt for other weight-loss avenues, we must make the right choices.  The money we spend with the very companies that count on us to be in this predicament could be spent with the companies who can really help.  So the next time you swing through the drive-thru for dinner or dropping a bag of chips for $1 in your grocery cart vs. a head of lettuce, think about where your hard earned money is going and if it is helping you or hurting you.


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